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After 2 years of moderating Smogon VGC, I’m stepping down! It’s been fun and I hope I’ve helped even a few more people pick up this game or consider going to a tournament, but it’s time for me to move on now. There’s a lot I could post about my emotional attachment to this section and community, but I think my contributions speak enough. Thanks Netherious yuki for being part of my journey here.

Now that your attack and special attack have been dropped a stage, I’m happy to announce Spurrific as my successor! He’s a great friend of mine, an excellent player, and one of the best community presences we have. Smogon VGC is in great hands. Please congratulate him!


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Personally, I am never a VGC player but even as someone looking from the outside, I can confidently say your dedication and commitment to this section of Smogon is truly inspiring. Bridging the gap between Smogon and VGC can surely be difficult at times but you did what most people will never think about, let alone actually accomplishing it. Thanks for everything you did--hope you still stick around the site and of course good luck with everything, whether it's life in general or Pokemon. Go Magmas!


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You resurrected Smogon VGC from the dead and turned it into a thriving community (something others had tried & failed to achieve in the past), so huge props for all you've achieved here zee, it's been inspiring.

I hope the VGC scene continues to take its rightful place on Smogon, and I have no doubt Spurrific is a perfect fit for the job.


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I'm very bad at writing speeches so i'll cut this short enough to show my feeling towards an amazing leader and not be extremely cringy.
Thanks for everything you have done zee, joining this community wouldn't be as fun if you weren't there, we'll definitely miss having you around. And good luck with 2023 season, i may not be able to play irl tours yet because of my awful geographic position, but remember that i'll be rooting for you.


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As someone who has seen the entirety of your tenure, I really appreciate the good you have done for the community and how you have brought it into the limelight. Here's to Spurrific and the continued success of the VGC community!


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I have been very impressed with Smogon VGC's turnaround over the past two years. It goes to show how it only takes one user with passion taking initiative to take a section from mostly dead to the success it is today. Congratulations on all you have accomplished and I hope you enjoy Smogon and VGC even more without the weight of a section on your shoulders.

Your level headedness, dedication, teamwork, decision-making, problem-solving skills, and extraordinary VGC (and Smogon!) success make you an excellent successor to this section. You have big shoes to fill to keep the standards zee set, but I know you can do it if you set your mind to it. Good luck and do well, but make sure you leave enough time for SCL III.
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While I’ve never really gotten to know zee at all, I’ve heard great things about you and wish you the best of luck continuing forward.
As for Spurrific congrats on becoming the new VGC leader and I hope that you help make Smogon VGC even better.

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